Travellers are white collar professionals, senior corporate management and business owners; they have high disposable incomes and tend to be more liberal, heath conscious, and social. These people are qualified risk takers & they tend to be highly engaged. We have the ability to reach them on planes & in lounges where their dwell time is significant.


Shout holds the exclusive rights to all media opportunity in Air New Zealand. This includes domestic inflight entertainment on digital screens, Air New Zealand koru lounges & other travelling touch points.


Domestic Lounge Screens

Air New Zealand lounges deliver an exclusive and sought after audience in New Zealand. The Domestic Koru Clubs clientele include the countrys leading business professionals and decision makers ± in fact, the most prequalified business market in New Zealand. These frequent flyers spend on average 20 – 40 minutes in the Club lounges, while the screen network is broadcasting news, sports, weather and current affairs programmes tailored to their interests.


Inflight Entertainment

The Air New Zealand domestic `jet’ fleet of Boeing 737-300 and Airbus A320 aircraft carries over 340,000 passengers per month. Take advantage of this incredibly captive and attentive audience.


The Great Air New Zealand Trivia Quiz is broadcast for the majority of each flight; it proves a constant draw for people looking for entertainment. The quiz display format combines branding on the title slide and answer slides plus full slide ads interspersed within the quiz. The trivia quiz is extremely popular and Air New Zealand receives a constant flow of feedback and suggestions. Customers are encouraged to submit their own questions, which adds to the feeling of ownership amongst regular travellers.



E-tickets are produced for every flight booked directly with Air New Zealand! The e-tickets target travelers in the valuable period between booking and departure, when travel preparations are made. E-tickets are used by many passengers as part of their travel documentation.


Trigger Comms

Trigger Comms are emailed out to travellers a few days before they begin their journey. These are sent to all customers who booked flights on Air New Zealand and include personalised travel details plus a whole lot of other need to know tips.



Grabaseat takes a multi-targeted approach when positioning itself to customers, the two key markets being young -middle-aged professionals who love to explore and get away for short breaks. These people often have overseas travel as their main goal, but still love to get away to visit friends and family. The second target market is the middle-aged, who have generally had children who have flown the coup, they have more money at the disposal ad are keen to get out and explore.