Shout is the leading supplier of advertising in NZ cafes. Options include branded takeaway cups, decals on lids and branded lunch bags and napkins. Shout has just secured an exclusive supplier agreement with a local cup printer which allow us shorter production lead-times and smaller minimum print runs. We have a large number of cafes on our database and clients can choose different packages, including white collar corporate, affluent mums and small business owners

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Need to get your client’s product in front of the right demographic?  We have the contacts and the “Know how” to make this happen.  Whether it’s placing a vehicle in corporate towers, or trialling new products in hair salons, we generate the idea, make contact with the appropriate players and roll out many of these types of executions

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Vehicles that move providing us with reach.  We have a wide range of mediums that allows us nationwide coverage. Our different types of motion media range from trucks to boats to carpark opportunities check it out!

  • Mobile Trailers – these come in three different sizes and can be booked for flexible timeframes.  We receive bookings for weekend work, on a month by month basis, and even travelling campaigns where the mobile billboards are driven around high density holiday areas
  • Truck Media – Using truck backs is the perfect way to target provincial NZ. Due to limited coverage of traditional outdoor media in smaller cities and town trucks are the only way to reach a number of regions. The backs provide a large 2100mm x 2750mm canvas for your creative.

Trucks travel up to 10,000 km per month and the client can specify regions and routes they would like to cover. Post campaign we provide a GPS report detailing exact mileage and regional coverage per vehicle.

If you’re an agricultural advertiser we can even supply stock trucks which go directly onto the farms.

  • Concrete Mixers – If you’re targeting the construction industry or just wanting to create a big impact then wrapping a concrete mixer could be the answer. Partnering with Firth NZ provides us access to over 350 mixers nationwide.

Their sheer size and slowly rotating bowl is a guaranteed attention grabber.

  • Cook Strait Ferry – Shout has access to a number of different advertising opportunities in the Wellington and Picton Ferry Terminals plus on the actual Ferries themselves. These include ambient, digital, light boxes and billboards.
  • Car parks – We work with New Zealand’s largest car park company Wilsons to provide bespoke opportunities to target drivers.  Different opportunities include, money machines, barrier arms, elevators and posters
  • Koru Cabs – KORUCABS is NZ’s only dedicated corporate airport shuttle service. They have recently expanded their fleet of vehicles to 12 in Auckland. This fleet is comprised of late model Mercedes and Vauxhall Minivans which provides a large canvas for potential advertisers.

Advertising within the Airport environment is extremely expensive making KORUCABS a great alternative. The coverage of each vehicle is extensive making 3-4 trips daily to the airport with the bonus of the long dwell time spent parked up outside the terminals.


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Dairies are an everyday part of New Zealanders lives, located on most busy arterials in every city and town throughout the country. Advertising on convenience outlets is commonplace overseas. Shout have identified and created a national network to provide valuable and cost effective advertising opportunities.


Dairy Posters – Where you find a secondary school you’ll find a dairy so is there a better or more cost effective way to target potential tertiary users of the future. Shout Convenience is part of everyday NZ life and perfect for local and national messaging.


Dairy Wraps – Wraps provide an extremely cost effective billboard sized platform for advertisers. The wrap generally consists of a mix of painting and graffiti guarded signage. The annual cost to wrap a Dairy is the equivalent of two month’s standard 6m x 3m billboard rental

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We have a number of different options for guerrilla message on the pavement. Street Stencils should be cost effective; our quotes include production, installation and removal. Note this type of activity is not council approved.

We provide the following options:

  • Street Stickers
  • Chalk Stencils
  • Water Stencils

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