Wayne Johnston - Profile Photo


Fav Band: Phil Weedons “Creed Love Songs Only Revival Band” (3rd best Scott Stapp vocal I’ve heard)

Fav Restaurant: Flower Drum – Melbourne

Fav Movie: True The Castle

Fav Drink: Anything Paul Kenny will buy me

If you were an animal what would you be? Why? I’d be a Beer, I love sashimi salmon, fresh

Jandals or shoes: 1 of each both with socks in case it gets cold

Top of Bucket List: Penthouse Suite, Paris Hilton – in France

Watershed moment: Leaving Paul Kenny in my Combi Van at 2.00 in the morning, minus 5 degrees, wearing only a singlet and a bad pair of pants, taking the keys and saying – “I’ll be back in 5 mins just dropping off a friend” ….then falling asleep on a sheepskin rug the size of a tennis court in front of an open fire…